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Women Confidence Builders - S.O.A.R. Luncheon - January 26th, 2023


Event details


Join us January 26th, 2023! LIMITED SEATING - Keep watching for the registration link!

The Commerce Club

SC S.O.A.R. Luncheon (Strength, Optimism, Acceptance, & Respect) Join us, this event will show strength, fill you with optimism, and make you feel accepted and respected! SMILES FOR ALL!

11:00am - 1:00pm

11:00 - 11:30am - Networking (3 cards - concentrate on making three great connections and following up over the next few months)

11:30am - Opening Remarks

11:40am - Jack Roper - MAGIC with Jack Roper

11:55am - Presenting & Keynote Speaker - Marc Blander - Sr. Manager - Global Business Strategy

(Focused on leaving our world in a better place through authentic relationships that are business outcome focused and win/win.)

12:25pm - Katie Throckmorton, BS in Psychology, General Contractor & Owner of Distinct Builders

12:40 - Gift drawing

12:50 - Closing remarks






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