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The Power of Women in Family Business ~ Article by KPMG


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I come from a family business. So this topic is certainly a passion of mine. I love seeing them Succeed and THRIVE! I saw this article a peer posted on LinkedIn @Brad Bechtoldand had to share it! 🤍

A Generational shift in Purpose & Influence 🙌🏻



"Encouraging studies have examined women’s changing roles over the years. However, studies that examine the role of women in family businesses are sparse and fragmented. Various scholars have indicated the need for more systematic and extensive research into the factors that are affecting women’s involvement, leadership, and performance in family businesses.

 This was an important area of focus in the STEP 2019 Global Family Business survey, and the in-depth interviews with prominent female and male family business leaders that followed. Based on the conversations that took place, “The power of women in family business: A generational shift in purpose and influence”  takes an up-close look at the demographic shifts that are changing the role of women in family businesses, the value that women contribute, the various forms of influence they have and the unique competitive advantages they can deliver.

Changing demographics are creating new roles and leadership opportunities for women in family businesses. Alongside these opportunities, external factors such as societal prejudice, unconscious gender bias and family traditions are examined, as well as stereotypes that need to be challenged to provide a roadmap for women family business leaders of the future."


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