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Put Yourself Out There - the IRON ELK Success Story

Laura Biggerstaff

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Hope this inspires!   It CAN happen to you!  Put yourself out there!   

One year ago (2021)....

I was looking forward to attending my very first BMW Supplier Diversity Conference in South Carolina.  It was still a couple of months away...I wondered how in the world I could stand out in a crowd of over 2000 people.  I watched past videos of the conference and noticed that everyone had on suits and dark clothing.   Figured that to stand out, I needed to go out of my comfort zone and wear a hi-visibility vest with my company name all over it.   A walking billboard that showed instantly what IRON ELK was all about - SAFETY.    Also figured, what do I have to lose?  I'm 59 years old and I only have one shot at it!  Well, from the moment I walked through the doors at the convention center, people started commenting on the vest.  It was working!   I also strategically sat in the front row of the breakout sessions so attendees could see the back of the vest with IRON ELK in big bold letters during the session.    At lunch, I intentionally sat by myself and waited for folks to sit at the table.   All of a sudden a lady walked up to me and said, "I want that vest!"   We talked through lunch and became great friends.   Fast forward one year later and this happened...,.IRON ELK and my friend Dr. King were featured on the big screens at this year's BMW Supplier Diversity Conference (see video attached).   Just WOW!   Posting this from the heart - Laura Biggerstaff - IRON ELK


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