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"Hard Hats with Heart" ~ local Upstate nonprofit event ~ American Heart Association


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Hello WTC peers! If you are in the Upstate and think your company would like to participate, check out the message from Margaret! Heart help is so important for ALL. It's in most families. My own family has been affected by heart health challenges. Grandfather (Plumber) passed away suddenly at the age of 72 from a massive heart attack. My two children have inherited high cholesterol.  ❤👇🏻 Big hugs, Angela 


"Hard Hats with Heart" is a great way to give back and connect with peers in construction. If your company is interested, reach out to Margaret Stegall (see below)

Or if you want to learn more and donate, you can do so here: http://upstatehardhats.heart.org/

And here is some information about the event as well as an attached save the date if that’s helpful!

 Did you know that 1 in 25 construction industry workers are diagnosed with cardiovascular disease? Cardiovascular disease impacts everyone, but the American Heart Association specifically recognizes the higher prevalence in the construction industry.

The AHA's industry-specific campaign, Hard Hats with Heart, is an initiative dedicated to advancing the culture of wellness within the construction industry.

Hard Hats with Heart is designed to bring together industry leaders and employees across the Upstate to increase awareness amongst individuals in the community that work within the industry, educate them on their risk factors, and integrate health, well-being, and prevention solutions into the culture of the industry.

Join the Hard Hats with Heart initiative and participate in this year's local event on October 20th at TopGolf in Greenville, SC. For more information, contact: Margaret Stegall at margaret.stegall@heart.org


Margaret Stegall

Director of Development

American Heart Association

M  864-569-5258

2022 Upstate Hard Hats with Heart Save the Date (002).png

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