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Women's Safety Apparel - One size does NOT fit all!

Laura Biggerstaff

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Safety Apparel - One size does NOT fit all!

Women have it hard enough as it is getting careers in jobs that are typically held by men.  Then, you add that their safety apparel doesn’t fit?

Well, that is a safety hazard in itself.  Women in jobs such as construction have had to take a men’s size smaller when wearing safety apparel.  Let’s face it…women are just not built like men.  Our shoulders are not as wide, our hips and torsos are different and arm lengths and hand sizes are shorter.  The biggest demand from women in the workplace is appropriate fit for personal protection equipment.  Just ask, they will tell you!  

There are only a few options available for protective gear in women’s cuts.  I have found that there are only a handful of manufacturers that have even realized that this was an issue.  There is very little language on the standards of women’s personal protective equipment and, frankly, safety apparel manufacturers are really missing the boat if they haven’t started preparing for this in the future.

It is our passion at IRON ELK that women know that there are options.   We have partnered with manufacturers offering PPE (personal protective equipment) for women.  These companies are one step ahead!  The “one size fits all” is slowly fading out and the push to offer PPE that fits different body types is coming through strongly.  IRON ELK is here to help women not only feel safe, but comfortable in their workwear.   https://www.ironelk.com/

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