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Intrapreneur, BD & MKTG at Hill Electric & Co-Founder Women Talk Construction

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Hello All!Β πŸ€πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈπŸ€

I am Angela Gardner, Director of Business Development & Marketing at Hill Electric. I am also Co-Founder of Women Talk Construction. Christi and I am so excited about all the opportunities the podcast, website, this forum will bring to connect, grow, and inspire SO MANY! That's our goal. We will do it through sharing professional journeys in construction and non-traditional careers. I am stoked about our amazing guest. Hopefully you will feel the same.Β 

My background: I have been in the construction industry for 28+ years, in various roles. First, I worked my way up to be President of my Family Biz (Donald A Gardner Architects). I worked their in numerous roles for 18 years. We were a stock house plan business. We reached our customers primarily through ecommerce and as a publisher. I ran the company during the great recession. I took a break. As I did, I helped my sister in her landscape business, then was project manager for a 2mm lake home, next helped a startup engineer get connected and was his business advisor, and finally I am at Hill Electric where I want to RETIRE! 😁 I feel very fortunate I can say that. Throughout the years, I owned a design/development company which built several multifamily towers in Downtown Greenville, developer for The Fitzgerald in Asheville, NC, and built luxury houses in SC, NC, GA, and FL (mountains, lake front, and ocean front). I also once co-founded an apparel company with my sister.

I am an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. If you aren't familiar with Intrapreneur - It's a person inside an organization who promotes innovative product development and marketing. Throughout my career this has been a role I feel very comfortable in. I love being behind-the-scenes orchestrating a well-thought out plan. Sometimes not so well. I have had my fair share of FAILURES or as people say (true) - opportunities to Grow!🌻

I have had some pretty amazing people work for me and with me! While at DAG, we won all kinds of awards - 1st to win the DELL/NFIB Small Biz Excellence in Customer Service & Information Technology Award, our marketing team won many ADDY's, lots of HBA & NHBA awards, and have our biz featured in numerous industry and national publications. Very proud of that experience and the PEOPLE I got to work with. Those 18 years were full of tremendous growth.Β 

Now as Business Development & Marketing Director at Hill Electric, I get to do all the things I loved doing throughout my career. I get to get out in the community and build trust in the Hill brand, work with an amazing consulting team (TealHaus Strategies, Available Design, and Muse 10 Photography), spread awareness about my love for skilled trades through career fairs, lunch & learns and more, help build a powerhouse team at Hill, offer innovative solutions at Hill, and so much more. I never dreamed this would be where I would land but I just kept following a path ~ I ENCOURAGE you to do the same. Never give up find what "LIGHTS UP YOUR SOUL"! πŸ”₯πŸ’œπŸ”₯πŸ‘·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Little bit about my childhood: My grandpa George owned a plumbing business. I watched he and my grandmother work tirelessly to provide excellent service to his customer. They both had KIND HEARTS. They along with my parents were my first role models that have influenced how I show up today. My mom was a nurse. And well you know dad - he is Don Gardner. Residential to Commercial to Industrial Construction has been part of my life since I was a baby. A big reason I am an advocate for #womeninconstruction.Β 

Share who you are, so we can get to know you and others can as well!!!!

Thanks for signing up and Christi and I look forward to this MIND-BLOWING journey we will ALL take together!Β 

Much joy,




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