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Welcome to CEA. We are a professional association of educators and administrators who work in adult and juvenile corrections settings all over the world. We provide critical training, cutting-edge research, and valuable networking opportunities to our members so they can deliver effective, life-changing education to their students. CEA helps its members stay informed about the latest developments in education practice and the corrections industry.

Your mission is to deliver quality education and help inmates achieve successful release and reintegration into society. Our mission is to give you the resources and community you need to accomplish that.



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Matt, I've shared this with a gentleman working hard in South Carolina, his name is Lester.  path2redemption515@gmail.com.  Feel free to reach out to him.  We met with him from the Skilled Trades Alliance Board, on Friday morning.  He's running a great program in Columbia SC.

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Hello Everyone, 


My name is Lester Young, the founder of the organization Path2Redemption. I started this organization while serving Life in SC prison system, I served a total of 22 years and 5 months before being paroled. Since being released, I have been diligently working to assist those transitioning back into family, work and community  be successful. Please visit my website Path2Redemption.org to learn more about what I do in the community around helping those with felony convictions. I look forwarded in speaking more with everyone soon

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