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Anna Edmonds

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Hi, I'm Anna Gelbman Edmonds, publisher and managing editor of The F-Suite, the only magazine in the country focused on female entrepreneurs and small business owners. This is a Columbia, SC-based print and digital publication – but we're looking to grow! We're always looking for advertisers and business owners to profile. Feel free to flip through our digital archive to see what we're all about and/or view our brief introductory video on YouTube.

We also  help other business with their marketing, designing direct mail ads, catalogues, brochures, signage, logos, vehicle wraps and more. We also have expertise in content writing. 

I'd love to connect and help you women business owners grow your businesses!



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Hi Anna! I hope you're well. I love what you're doing for small business. Didn't we talk last year? There are many women in business that are a part of this forum. I know they would love to be featured. 84's Lexington store is covered up. When I get the opportunity,  I will talk to the Manger at that location.  Welcome here! You will be able to chat with our guests on the general chat subforum also. Enjoy your week.

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